February 23, 2018



(by Leonard Dabydeen)

Injustice (fib)





keeps nagging

your boiling entrails

the hurt rumbles like volcano.

The ache of inhumanity

cries for ahimsa

world of hate





Hate (tetractys)




sleep at night

ghosts haunt your mind

shadows of hate are your worst enemy.


Corrupt (tetractys)



so cold

so corrupt

cannot thaw, chill

hate speaks to his bowels without discharge.


Guns (tetractys)




fire control

spit bullets that kill

innocent lives screaming before they die.







Of Faith and Trust

February 21, 2018

Bhagavad Gita

Of Faith and Trust


When the mind needs anointing from its wounds,

When there are dark clouds hovering like hounds,

When the spirit is frail and flesh is weak:

Let Lord Krishna in your heart as you speak.


When your world seems to fall apart on you,

When it seems there is nothing you can do,

When the spirit is frail and flesh is weak:

Let Lord Krishna in your heart as you speak.


When you begin to feel hopeless and lost,

When everything around you bears a cost,

When the spirt is frail and flesh is weak:

Let Lord Krishna in your heart as you speak.


Lord Krishna says in *Bhagavad Gita:

Faith and trust will guide you, Oh Arjuna.

* http://hellonetfriends.com/bhagwat_gita/Chapter_Nine_Bhagwat_Gita_Verse_3.htm

Parkland Massacre (Sonnet)

February 20, 2018

Florida-Town-Of-Parkland-In-Mourning-After-Shooting-At-Marjory-Stoneman-Douglas-High-School-Kills-1GUN CONTROL.PNG

Parkland Massacre (2018)



When you can’t share a smile on Valentine

There’s reason to believe Life’s lost sunshine;

When sound of fire alarm comes to your ear

There’s reason to believe your time is near.


When you’re set for learning at M.S.D High

Seventeen have lost their lives, oh, we sigh!

When the AR-15 slugs closed their eyes

Parkland echoed the world at their demise.


When common sense wails for some gun control

Echelon bureaucrats smirk at the toll;

When parents and their loved ones say, “No more”

They envisage a world ne’er seen before.


But parents must not sleep without resolve:

Their affirmative action is revolve.








Our Humanity

February 16, 2018



I bring to bear no secret realm to share

But human atrocities I most fear;

Of war zones where death is enemy cry

As bombs rain from tomahawks in the sky.


Man’s grief to man is penchant human foil

And his loss greater than sum of his toil;

In his shadows are invisible tears,

Can he recluse himself in later years?


No sarcophagus will score memory

Where layered bones are bundled to bury;

Dust to dust in man’s cape he must tally

And hope for a future to be happy.


Inequality is our enemy;

Satyagraha is our posterity.




February 15, 2018

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The Gandhi Way

February 15, 2018

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Poem by Leonard Dabydeen

February 4, 2018

Itinerant Poet

Itinerant Poet


Quote: thewriterpractice.com

“The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”

~ Louis L’Amour


You are not alone on this wind-rush march,

Itinerant ink scribing papyrus

Upon demands and deadlines flaming porch;

Or over ant-hills disturbed omnibus.


Sometimes the hour is long as day or night,

And eyes rebel to yawning sleep-o-tide;

But you cannot haul sail in a ship’s flight

For the ink must flow where shadows abide.


When it is not by your will, but dharma

This oeuvre fest embellishes your mind,

Deep in all your literary karma

And unfurl all your constraints free from bind.


Where vista cravings for horizons tempt,

Our writing rhapsody must be well spent.



POEM by Swami Vivekananda

February 4, 2018


By Swami Vivekananda

(12 January 1863 – 4 July 1902 / Calcutta / India)

(Written on 1 September,1898.)


Angels Unawares


One bending low with load of life —

That meant no joy, but suffering harsh and hard —

And wending on his way through dark and dismal paths

Without a flash of light from brain or heart

To give a moment’s cheer, till the line

That marks out pain from pleasure, death from life,

And good from what is evil was well-nigh wiped from sight,

Saw, one blessed night, a faint but beautiful ray of light

Descend to him. He knew not what or wherefrom,

But called it God and worshipped.

Hope, an utter stranger, came to him and spread

Through all his parts, and life to him meant more

Than he could ever dream and covered all he knew,

Nay, peeped beyond his world. The Sages

Winked, and smiled, and called it ‘superstition’.

But he did feel its power and peace

And gently answered back —

‘O Blessed Superstition! ‘



One drunk with wine of wealth and power

And health to enjoy them both, whirled on

His maddening course, till the earth, he thought,

Was made for him, his pleasure-garden, and man,

The crawling worm, was made to find him sport,

Till the thousand lights of joy, with pleasure fed,

That flickered day and night before his eyes,

With constant change of colours, began to blur

His sight, and cloy his senses; till selfishness,

Like a horny growth, had spread all o’er his heart;

And pleasure meant to him no more than pain,

Bereft of feeling; and life in the sense,

So joyful, precious once, a rotting corpse between his arms,

Which he forsooth would shun, but more he tried, the more

It clung to him; and wished, with frenzied brain,

A thousand forms of death, but quailed before the charm,

Then sorrow came — and Wealth and Power went —

And made him kinship find with all the human race

In groans and tears, and though his friends would laugh,

His lips would speak in grateful accents —

‘O Blessed Misery! ‘



One born with healthy frame — but not of will

That can resist emotions deep and strong,

Nor impulse throw, surcharged with potent strength —

And just the sort that pass as good and kind,

Beheld that he was safe, whilst others long

And vain did struggle ‘gainst the surging waves.

Till, morbid grown, his mind could see, like flies

That seek the putrid part, but what was bad.

Then Fortune smiled on him, and his foot slipped.

That ope’d his eyes for e’er, and made him find

That stones and trees ne’er break the law,

But stones and trees remain; that man alone

Is blest with power to fight and conquer Fate,

Transcending bounds and laws.

From him his passive nature fell, and life appeared

As broad and new, and broader, newer grew,

Till light ahead began to break, and glimpse of That

Where Peace Eternal dwells — yet one can only reach

By wading through the sea of struggles — courage-giving, came.

Then looking back on all that made him kin

To stocks and stones, and on to what the world

Had shunned him for, his fall, he blessed the fall,

And with a joyful heart, declared it —

‘Blessed Sin! ‘

February 1, 2018




February 1, 2018


Gandhi_student JPEG

(salutation to M K Gandhi)

By Leonard Dabydeen


We are all at fault

you and I

and others too

in the canon of our trajectory

catapulting peace over perjury

harmony versus angst

no one cooks rice

without sifting it

always some undesirables

within complex webs

of our minds

where our karma revolts

or echoes involuntarily

in matrix of peace and sanctity

as we grapple with sinews

and seek bhakti

embellishing dharma

being this change we wish

for you and me

immersing melodic stotras

within gems of Bhagavad Gita.