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October 19, 2017


October 17, 2017

In Manhattan

Looking with deep brown eyes

at Manhattan’s concrete jungle

eyes blurred at the macro-scope

of environmental curse

of cement and sand

rush of traffic

unaware of trees and plants

how fresh this American air

you sniff and sneeze

rich in strife and cynicism of life

in the distant horizon

there is no Mahatmaji

standing, staring

only one thoughtful soul

in a world of Ramji.



POEM: Body and Mind Recluse

October 9, 2017

Poem: Body and Mind Recluse by Leonard Dabydeen (Published in The Society):

“A man’s as old as he’s feeling …” ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

“If the body frees the mind in its quest
For youthful dreams to be forever young
Let not Time play such games like cricket test*
To stay batting because the gloves are hung.
If I should sit alone in dark of night
Will I hear angels singing of a new King?
Or should I let my mind wander for light
Until sunlight herald flowers of Spring?
Never too old,” I think in solitude,
Murmuring to myself, “Am I too late?”
But the Mind regales with much gratitude
That I am so far from St. Peter’s Gate.
When youthful feelings prod the mind to soar
Sweet dreams go far beyond ocean’s shore.


*Cricket test or test cricket is an international sport. Test matches are played between competing countries (England vs Australia …) When a test player “stays batting,” this means he is not available to play in international matches. He hangs up his gloves.

Leonard Dabydeen is author of Watching You, A Collection of Tetractys Poems , Xlibris Publication(2012); Searching for You, A Collection of Tetractys and Fibonacci Poems, Xlibris Publication (2015)



October 8, 2017



Living Gandhi Today 2017 PDF




How Poems Jogging in the Mind

October 4, 2017

When I Write


When I write

I write with passion

I let wings of flame fly

with graceful heat

wafting with intensity

raging stampede excitement

I crust peaks, plateaus

horizontal platitudes

I engulf the mind with love

I trace contours of flesh

mounds, valleys and Venuses

knolls knotty brushes

I walk with refugees

wading mud and sand

breathless for freedom

eyes ink pen for Parker

Dell in key-board of life

tear drop after tear drop

I let the passion flow.






hurricane-harvey-houston-street-ap-ps-170828_4x3_992 JPEG.jpgHurricane-harvey-houston-street-ap-ps-170828-photo


Now that this storm abates in slow motion
Flood waters recede in all direction;
Harvey murmurs at toll it is counting
Human lives lost in the massive flooding.
Houstonians abandon homes and all
In fright and fear no matter wherewithal;
Huddled in shelters without a divide
Many families gather without pride.
Rescuers continue to scout the homes
So abandoned as the flood water roams;
Some are unable to find kith or kin
Trepidation about which camp within.

Survival is what seems to be foremost:
Texans are all together coast to coast.




If You Should Ask Of Me


If you should ask of me what I fear most

My heart would lie so much without a boast;

Not because I babble of middle-age

As I scuttle over stones in courage.


After all trekking this journey of life

Is coloured magical dreams spotted rife;

Sometimes there has been a dark inlet flow

Where my reluctant heart brokered to go.


Then I took that pathway like a shadow

With travesty of roads I did not know;

Many nights were silent, dark and gloomy

But often times I stood my ground firmly.


And many were the days I cherished most,

If you should ask of me try not to boast.







Wm F.E. Morley JPEG

Bill Morley 1920 –



For Bill at 97

(Celebrating his Birthday)


This rejoice overwhelming, surely mine

As I think of him like sparkle sunshine

Always looking forward with a wry smile

Enjoying another day for a while.


Sometimes he would appear to be busy,

To look at him smiling, makes you happy;

What is he looking for is a secret

His mind furtively holds with certain wit.


Those who look at him will often ponder

What is he thinking of, and then wonder-

At his age there is little surprise left

To show this world with much bereft.


So glad to see him without much ado

About our world we know to be so true.