Poem: A Rich Man

Poem: A Rich Man by Leonard Dabydeen


A Rich Man


When a rich man is afraid

That he may lose everything

He sleeps less for not being paid

And twitters almost about anything.


God forbid time will come

When he and his cronies

Will wonder if they and some

Will squawk about their follies.


What shall we do next? They ask

Sitting on their laurels at last

Abracadabra what is our task?

Scrubbing hands to wash the past.


And this rich man will sit and ponder

What is it like being poor, I wonder?





One Response to “Poem: A Rich Man”

  1. needybad4u Says:

    From:: http://www.museindia.com/viewrep.asp?id=66470

    Well done Leonard ji. Measured meters and rhyming, a uniform abab with the last couplet wonderfully summarising the agony of a rich man, unconsciously poor from the beginning. I am sure Dr Mallick and many other bards would love to read this.

    Supratik Sen, Kolkata

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