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POEM: It Always Rains in that Green House

May 9, 2017

Dedicated to Derek Walcott (1930-2017)

by Jaydeep Sarangi

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It always rains at St Lucia, Achille finds roots in the chaotic hybrid world.

Silence chants from the annals of history. So many bards flock together

From shores of time.  The elder of twin boys.

La Plata to Di Hong

The Ganges to river Yuna

All bear a name: re-writing a name.


Fruits are juicy, flowers with perfume,

Core of fire  burns each heart, nature’s plan.

Each one has a story to share in silence.

So we stop. We listen to mountains sing,

Rocks, caves and falls prepare minds

For a moment of calm awakening of inside.

Ancient sages bless for a supreme quiet stream of light

Flashing from each joint of bones. It’s home. Home

For green knights. Soul of the native,

Season of mist makes all hearts juicy, language

Kissing words of luck hours by hours.

Love letters are taken  from the bookshelf.


The sparrows and seagulls compete with doves,

Crows have part with images, history of the land,

No man can ever be more sensitive than

By the fire of the Muse, star apple kingdom.

Sense of the power and romance of  flora and fauna

In poems living, like the song of  the bird, trees old and new,

Flood each heart where poetry is a visitor, a valued priest.


Migratory birds search for home. Ruins of a green house.

We need one soon.


All poets count the humming of a bee, blood in their poems

Fair creature of an hour, all lines spark. It rains, rains always.


After this poem, rain will start. St. Lucia is our home.Another life.

Love after love!



Jaydeep Sarangi is a widely anthologised poet with five collections in English, latest being: To Whom I Return Each Day (April 2017) which was released at the University of Uine,Udine Italy. He read poems in different shores of Australia, Europe and North America. Sarangi’s poems have appeared in many prestigious magazines like Indian Literature, Kavya Bharati, Setu,  Muse India, WEC, The Asian Age, CV, etc.  He has delivered keynote address in conferences/seminar  on new poetry in different Universities in different countries. He has guest edited a special issue on Derek Walcott for Muse India( may be reached at:

Jaydeep Sarangi Faculty,Dept. of English Jogesh Chandra Chaudhuri College (Univ. of Calcutta) 30,Prince Anwar Shah Road , Kolkata: 700033,WB,Country:: India -Ph 09477807031





Poem: For Derek Walcott (1930-2017)

May 9, 2017

by Leonard Dabydeen


Sir Derek Walcott

Me know him nah dead,

Him only gone.

Fuh watch dem schooner

An’ listen some

See dem white egrets

Walking by the rocks

Feet like dry bamboo

Their heads bobbing, weavin’

Like Bob Marley singing

‘Buffalo Soldier’ in a dread lock

Wait till tomorrow come

To see Odysseus sitting

On a backyard bench

Talking to Derek

Till mornin’ come.




Salutation to Mother: Happy Mother’s Day

May 9, 2017

by Leonard Dabydeen


From that special moment

as conception tickles her womb

Motherhood takes root

like a banyan tree

she’s a nascent woman

pristine in her own castle

all consummate Jai Santoshi Ma

so devoted to happiness, prosperity

void of selfishness, fiery maw

ebullient cooing heartbeat Durga Ma

shakti aur bhakti, ma mukti

Lakshmi mata, Saraswati mata

child in her cocoon you are

migrating in her pulse

she sleeps portraying your dreams

sculpting body, mind and soul

many are nights of bad tales

she strokes your karma

for birth into a new world

always a silent bhajan

aarti her pregnant tummy

her smile an embroidery of faith

her utmost wish mere ma

satyam, shivam, sundaram

glorious joy to the world.