Gothic Bride of Tombsville



Tombsville JPEG.jpg

Elizabetha prances nimbly in the room

Her waist-long hair sparkling

Like Indian diamonds in dawn of moonlight

Eyes glowing like coal fire

Thump, thump, thump her red shoes echo

Stirring bat-like creatures flitting to and fro

Across cob-webby ceiling

Litter with dangling, dead dragon flies


Gothic Bride JPEG.jpg

How much longer must she wait, she ponders

Pouting her ruby red lips at the rattling door

An angry bat reels in flight

Slamming bone-plastered door

Squeak, squeak, squeak the door wails

With creaky, rustic hinges moaning

Elizabetha screams in drumming impatience

Then dead bolt frees door ajar

And she heaves in delight

As whiffs of flesh-roasted incense

Linger into her nostrils

To signal her groom’s arrival

Through the Gates of Tombsville.



2 Responses to “Gothic Bride of Tombsville”

  1. needybad4u Says:

    Spooky Halloween ….

  2. Josh Gross | The Jaguar Says:

    Your words are wonderfully descriptive, and spooky! Well done 🙂

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