Musepie Press Shot Glass Journal Issue #20 – Poems by Leonard Dabydeen

SHOT GLASS JOURNALshot glass                                                               Issue #20 September 2016

 “… brevity is the soul of wit …”

 – William Shakespeare

Shot Glass Journal is an on-line poetry journal devoted to short poetry. Where other poetry journals publish poems of various lengths and forms, Shot Glass focuses on both free verse and form poetry of 16 lines or less. Shot Glass Journal believes in fostering emerging talent as well as publishing well established poets.

We hope you enjoy Issue #20, which features US and International sections. You will also find a Glossary of poetry forms which represent some of the poems published in Shot Glass issues.

Why only short poetry? It is far more difficult to capture a message in fewer words and still have an effect on a reader. Shot Glass is dedicated to those poets who have much to say in the fewest words possible. As William Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet, “…brevity is the soul of wit…”

International Poets

Art of Night


Night has no dark colour
just sinews of grey
with braids of light
shimmering glory
straight down on earth
moon gathering loneliness
with frenzy of light
reaching for the sky
clouds so silent
so cunning
and surreptitious
listening to forest muse
cities of concrete jungle
blast horns on winding roads
a ship comes to shore
from the aging seas.



In my coming days
what do you ask of me
what are your expectations
and where do I begin
as I dwell at the crossroads
of being and wanting to be
like clouds drifting
under clear blue skies
gathering thoughts
rummaging vicissitudes of life
in my silence
I have many dreams
I navigate identities
I sculpt loneliness
rooting banyan trees
I felicitate aloneness.


One Response to “Musepie Press Shot Glass Journal Issue #20 – Poems by Leonard Dabydeen”

  1. indira babbellapati Says:

    great, bhai! how do i become a part of this?

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