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Book:Groans From Old Bones

July 16, 2016



                                        Book of Versification by William F.E. Morley

Just Old Bones

(for William F.E. Morley: 1920-present)

By Leonard Dabydeen

14 July, 2016


A notch short of Byron

so amusing

entertaining to the core:

mind, body, and soul

walking you through archives and enclaves

jotting a memory here, there, everywhere

his amusement lingers

like perfume fragrances

in the botany of life

you desire to sit with him

watch him prancing

laugh a little from the heart

like Richardson’s Tecumseh

watch him bow a little

craving thoughts how to rhyme

uncaring about fetter of time

hear a little groan

a sombre tone

a witty smile

age matters for a while

ecstatic his life be known

deep in his old bone.



A Tribute to David H. Sookram

July 16, 2016

David H Sookram June 9 2016 JPEG                                                                      David H. Sookram


                 1930 -2016


Be it that he was dapper

Or dimple in manner or style

His texture was impregnable

So through to core and camaraderie.


His wit surfeit to say

Unflinching like granite rock

Eye to eye be as it may

Night or day, rain or shine.


A friend to many and foe to few

Triumphant his pursuit with much ado

Always there in bridled flair

To lend a hand without despair.

By Leonard Dabydeen, Brampton, Ontario


David Dabydeen: Tribute

July 8, 2016

A Tribute to My Father by Prof. David Dabydeen

David Dabydeen JPEG                                                                 Prof. David Dabydeen

Guyanese Online Blog


Freight Train Gone

by Leonard Dabydeen

Where hurt lies

deep in the heart

where pain goes beyond

boundaries cataclysmic

full of unanswerable questions

not knowing expectations

or outcomes from darkness

a beacon light

shines before you

to bear witness

how your door closes

with creaking hinges

as the freight train

continues on its journey.