Remembering Guyana’s iconic novelist, Edgar A. Mittelholzer

Edgar A. Mittelholzer – By Leonard Dabydeen



Born December 16, 1909 in New Amsterdam,Berbice, Guyana

Died May 5, 1965 in Farnham, United Kingdom

Celebrating the birth of Guyanese novelist, Edgar A. Mittelholzer 106 years ago.



“ Why must I create and create

What Lerman Hydra with unresting mania

Impels my pen, compels my mind

To feed and feed and sate

Its many mouths – its all yearning bellies?”


(Ref: Beacons of Excellence: The Edgar Mittelholzer

 Memorial Lectures, Vol. 1 : 1967-1971)

[First Series, 1967 Edgar Mittelholzer – The Man and his work: Arthur James Seymour]


Not in any paradigm without shadows

Nor moon-gazing just looking at blue skies

He lets music in his mind echo

Like a flute through his writing bones

Always hearing the Corentyne Thunder

Even if it means a Morning at the Office

His pen did not abandon him

He could not leave the pen alone.

~ Leonard Dabydeen, Author: Watching You, A Collection of Tetractys Poems (2012); Searching for You, A Collection of Tetractys& Fibonacci Poems (2015).


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