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Remembering Guyana’s iconic novelist, Edgar A. Mittelholzer

December 17, 2015

Edgar A. Mittelholzer – By Leonard Dabydeen



Born December 16, 1909 in New Amsterdam,Berbice, Guyana

Died May 5, 1965 in Farnham, United Kingdom

Celebrating the birth of Guyanese novelist, Edgar A. Mittelholzer 106 years ago.



“ Why must I create and create

What Lerman Hydra with unresting mania

Impels my pen, compels my mind

To feed and feed and sate

Its many mouths – its all yearning bellies?”


(Ref: Beacons of Excellence: The Edgar Mittelholzer

 Memorial Lectures, Vol. 1 : 1967-1971)

[First Series, 1967 Edgar Mittelholzer – The Man and his work: Arthur James Seymour]


Not in any paradigm without shadows

Nor moon-gazing just looking at blue skies

He lets music in his mind echo

Like a flute through his writing bones

Always hearing the Corentyne Thunder

Even if it means a Morning at the Office

His pen did not abandon him

He could not leave the pen alone.

~ Leonard Dabydeen, Author: Watching You, A Collection of Tetractys Poems (2012); Searching for You, A Collection of Tetractys& Fibonacci Poems (2015).


Book Review: Searching for You

December 3, 2015

BOOK: Searching for You, A Collection of Tetractys & Fibonacci Poems (September 24, 2015)
BOOK REVIEW by Mahathi (Mydavolu V.S. Sathyanarayana),
Author: Finding The Mother, H.H. Sage Valmiki’s Sri Sundarakanda
In English Verse
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::
संगीतमपि साहित्यं सरस्वती स्थनद्वयं
एकमापती मधुरम् मनधा लोलनामृतं

Searching for You Book Cover JPEG

Music and literature are the two breasts of Goddess Saraswathi.


Goddess Saraswathi JPEG
The first is eternal sweetness and later, the nectar of thought.
Blossomed thought when surges out freely and solidifies as sweet nectar of words, it cannot be anything but poetry. A poet is very much like the Creator-Lord Brahma. He collects the clay of his unintelligible thoughts, shapes them with his language, embellishes with jewels of figures of speech or alankara and gives out as sweet poetry.
Leonard Dabydeen’s latest anthology of poems Searching for You climbs few more steps in its authenticity of thought and expression from his earlier collection Watching you. This book sounds more solemn and solid with an admixture of poems expressing sweetness, joy, pain, poignancy and pain with clarity and cogency. This time he added Fibonacci form of poems to his signature form of tetractys. Composing poetry in classical forms is a real challenge. When such challenge is accomplished, the invariable result is lovely poetry. Poetic forms like Tetractys, Fibonacci, haiku, senryu, haibun etc. though not accentual like other metrical forms of classical English poetry, but only syllabic; their respective numerical structures and expressional disciplines, give them a typical toll of melody and unfailing dignity. Adjusting a bubbling out thought or idea into a small, fixed form; thickens the density of expression and feel, thus achieving the very purpose of poetry as compared to other forms of literature, like novel, story essay, travelogue etc.
The very forte of Dabydeen is shoving great thoughts into a succinct form, with striking imagery and bursting out sentiments.

See this:
you come
to take me
to my maker
do you have to make other people cry?
Even while accepting the inevitability of death (with dignity), he pleads for his people with such simplicity, his expression renders us spellbound with pain and poignancy.
Again there is poem like a haiku, with a plain statement of nature on a particular day of winter, with all its beauty.
rains down
from the sky
blanketing the earth
snowflakes cover vehicles and driveways
When comes to the traditional way of describing nature he says:
for me
wings of joy
among flowers
you flutter with happiness full of love
The title of this tetractys is butterfly. But he didn’t use the word butterfly; instead he referred as wings of joy; a real hallmark of a true poet.

While describing the inevitable evils of life he says :
want me
to be quiet
but the shouting in my head cannot stop
Is this not everyone’s experience and an effort made to vain end?
The most beautiful poem with dense philosophy I loved most was:
your heart
and your mind
to rest in peace
flowers will blossom again after the storm
Compared to his earlier work Watching you, this tome seems to me a better(if not the best) compilation of various human feelings, nature, world and what not; laced with philosophy and striking imagery.
Here see the depth of his expression :
the dark
I become
a prisoner
trapped in emptiness of dreams.
My idea of writing a review is certainly not quoting most his poems and deprive the prospective readers of incumbent joy and thrill. Indeed there are gems in this book, for anytime reading by anybody; simple, thought-provoking, intense with feel and emotion. It’s a real readers’ pleasure, I can’t help but strongly recommend to all poetry lovers.


Taken from Guyana, but having never left: Reflections on being in between rocks and home places

December 1, 2015

Hans India Book Review: An Endless Saga of Woman Kind

December 1, 2015




An endless saga of the womankind

November 29,2015, 12.54 AM  IST | | THE HANS INDIA–189564



From the Biography of an Unknown Woman - Copy