Hands that Weed…

Hands that weed…
September 16, 2014 at 4:20am
by Prof Raamaa Chandramouli

She understood that
the hands that weed also control computers.
She discerned that
letters not only have power but also
possess perfume, life and breath within.
Once knew the trick of ‘knowing,’
she realized that the world bows down
as she moved forward.
Once she understood that
life is a strategy, she learned to ‘look’ at the world
not merely with eyes but with all her limbs.
Which, the weed… which, the plant…
which, the seed…which, the sprout
which, the tree… which, the giant tree…?
Which, autumn… which, spring…
what are the transformations?
She wrote her own lessons and designed
the lesson plans too by herself.

S.t..r..e..t..c..h…! As body and mind stretch upwards
up to the end of the cosmos, one expands and liquifies…
She understood that
when one is drenched in a holy bath of tears,
one gets ‘cleansed.’
she absorbed the stars of wisdom that
silence is greater than words, that ‘silence’
is greater than silence…
When sound transforms into non-sound,
she got to know of exploding light of wisdom…

She’s a woman, isn’t she?
Hence she identifies herself
as the most unique of this creation
She discerned how crucial it is
to recognise herself much before
others did that; she comprehended that
a woman alone can gift another human to the world,
can gift another world itself, another generation too…

Earlier she’s just an average field hand.
She looked after the lands with a mother’s instinct.
She inferred that a seed…contains billion seeds…
Having identified the bonding a paper and letters share,
she graduated; she understood that earning money
is like a drop emerging as an ocean.
When it struck her that there’re no boundaries
around people and that all lines drawn can be erased,
she detected and discarded the animal scent within her;
it dawned on her that human fragrance is what human is!
She also learnt to dream and knit the dreamed dreams together into
glittering necklaces of dreams that adorn her soul.
Like a straight line that twists and turns to give itself a shape,
she finally surrendered herself to her ‘self’…sacrificed…and ceased.

Don’t the hands that can identify and separate the weeds
know how to protect the plant?
(Original kaluputeesee cheetulu published in Namaste Telangana Dt. 14 Sep 2014)
Transl. Prof Indira Babbellapati, Professor at Andhra University.  Location Vishakhapatnam Area, India Industry Education Management.


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