KAIETEUR FALLS : Poem by Norman Tewarie

From Guyanese Online Blog:

Norman Tewarie On September 11, 2014 at 10:10 am
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Oh Kaieteur! with thy gruesome splendour
When your pure placid waters you pour
Would you forever continue like this
In true eternal rainbowed bliss?

Oh Kaieteur! tucked away so far
With a height more than spectacular
So many lovers of Nature you lure
For more than an eyeful feast for sure

For if Wonders of the World they seek
Then your greatness is simply unique
Many sad, troubled hearts trod your brow
With ebbed hearts you they gladly allow

To change their problems to smaller parts
Becoming oblivious of their trustful hearts
Knowing how lesser and insignificant we are
When compared with you the Mighty Kaieteur

Your waters falling in foamy froth
Down hundreds of feet of granite earth
Engulfing spume spattered sprays
And disappearing in abysmal ways

The legends for aeons told about you
Could hardly be anything but true
For the spines your magnetic chasm thaw
Have left many minds spellbound in awe

If time can erase men from this earth
Your beauty will be of greater worth
For you standing alone, Oh Kaieteur!
Would be the handiest work of Nature

needybad4u On September 12, 2014 at 7:04 am
Permalink Enjoy reading your poem, Norman Tewarie. The rhyme, rhythm and rich imagery conjure memories of a place and time so unimaginable…”If time can erase men from this earth/Your beauty will be of greater worth/….Thank you for sharing. God Bless!!


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