Lack of GTU leadership prompted bid for presidency – Bynoe

April 8, 2010 | By KNews | Filed Under News 

Recently elected President of the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU), Colin Bynoe, contends that the institution still has the capacity to do much better, as well as play a more active role on behalf of teachers than it is currently being done.


Colin Bynoe

President of the GTU, Colin Bynoe, explains his reasons for challenging for leadership

“The GTU, apart from being one of the oldest (unions) has got the capacity to do better than it is doing right now…We are all teachers, moulders of the nation, and we have what it takes to do better.”
Bynoe, on Tuesday evening, said that it was the void in the leadership of the GTU that caused him to run for the Presidency.
He is of the opinion that the GTU is still a very effective body, but “what we need to do is have more harmony in how we go about doing things.”
Bynoe, for most of his more than three-decade long teaching career has been involved in the GTU.
The GTU president explained that it was a senior teacher (Leonard Dabydeen) who had urged him to not only be a part of the Teachers’ Union but also to strive to play an active role.
As such he and some other teachers from the Berbice area were encouraged to edify themselves on unionism. “They said that if you want to make a difference then join the GTU.”
According to Bynoe he joined the trade union and at the time was junior to people like veteran Trade unionist Lincoln Lewis.
He also dabbled a bit in politics.
“I went into a little bit of politics but I came back to trade unionism and my passion kept growing. I realized that there was a void for true leadership and I decided to take up the challenge.”
He said, too, that recognizing that his entire family is made up of teachers and realizing that for more than a decade now he has helped teachers in some way or another, the best place to help even more would be from the helm of the Teachers’ Union
“I believe I have something to offer.”
Bynoe is currently the Headmaster of Port Mourant Secondary School. He secured the Presidency of the GTU at the recently concluded Biennial Elections.
Bynoe has held numerous top positions within the union from as early as 1984.
Up until his elections, he was the union’s Regional Vice-President of Berbice, a position he has held since 2005.
Bynoe’s academic credentials include a Trained Grade I Class I Teacher’s Certificate and a Bachelor’s Degree in Education with specialization in Administration in the public education system.


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