with due apologies to Tagore

by Professor Indira Babbellapati

– July 21, 2013


show me a mind that’s not

held captive to fear

and head bowed lowest


show me a place where

knowledge isn’t up for sale


show me a world that’s not

broken into fragments by

ever increasing ‘narrow domestic walls’


where words aren’t dipped

in all hues of ink and

drenched in lies


where the mediocrity isn’t

the order of perfection


where reason isn’t clouded

by i-ness and lost its way

in the vague labyrinth of one-up-ship






where ‘dead habit’ isn’t

what the day is made of

where mind isn’t manipulated

by a corrupt few


o, my country

o, the gods that went deaf

free, free yourselves

from these narrow confines

of thoughtlessness and

utter inaction and muted voices

to lead yourself and us into

that ‘heaven of freedom’

from this ‘hell of bondage!’




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