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Remembering …Dr. Walter Rodney

June 15, 2013

The death of Dr. Walter Rodney on June 13,1980 remains a mystery. Let us hope that an International Commission of Inquiry will be able to unfold this mystery into reality as to who were responsible for Dr. Rodney’s death. Within the span of 33 years apparently too many dead authority- figures have untold information of historical importance for the world, regarding the bomb that exploded and killed Dr. Rodney: President-for-Life Forbes Samson Burnham, Army Officer Gregory Smith, President Dr. Cheddi Jagan …

Show Me

Show me the hands
that gifted me a bomb
that closed the doors of my life
just show me
how they wrecked my freedom
my voice
for working people
show me the lines
in the palm
of their hands.