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No. 63 Beach

April 22, 2013


Atlantic air shifting waves

rustling the shore line


through coconut trees

where they stalk the beach

I sit alone

on a broken branch


Corentyne sands

watching seined men

gathering shrimps and fishes

as waves caress the sand

and recede

like a satisfied lover

look how frail crabs

shuttle about

in no particular direction

I rest my water coconut

between my legs

and cap my eyes

to peer at the horizon

with a rising sun

chasing shadows

where critters cannot sleep.


Rwanda 100 Days to Remember

April 8, 2013

As if the world belongs
to know one else
but the Devil
within each blood-thirsty mind
opening doors with untamed anger
to clubber
and create carnage
of human flesh
one cracked skull
one severed hand
rape and rupture of the womb
deep inside hollow fear
of remorseless hate
how can such act of insanity
elude us with blind shame
to let the massacre
revile in its own dance
while we sit and wait
for blood stain to dry
in our naked hands
today we remember
Hutu and Tutsi are brothers too.