Nicholas Guillen -Blogger Post on: Poets of the Caribbean

Leonard Dabydeen said…
Ample Blood by Nicholas Guillen

Eduardo Garcia Delgado, was a young soldier who wrote the name of Fidel with his
own blood on a door in a building in Ciudad Libertad just before he died, after
being gunned down by the US backed mercenary air force during the criminal
bombings of April 15, 1961.

When this soldier who died

for his country wrote Fidel

with his blood, do not say a Miserere:

that blood is a sign that

the Homeland lives.

When without voice,

he cannot find

words to express himself,

do not tell him to be quiet,

for in the pure tongue of the Homeland

it resounds.

When his body falls

lifeless to the ground keen to cover him,

do not say that he rests,

as for the Homeland he shines and works


Now no-one can stop his

joint and open heart.

Do not say that he has gone:

his ample blood remains part of the Homeland

Nicolás Guillén

(Translated by Mike Phillips)


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