Sathyanarayana Mydavolu


Sathyanarayana was born on 12fth June, 1958 at Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India. He did his bachelor’s degree in Sciences and Masters in law. For a brief period he practiced as an advocate in Nellore and then joined the Government of India. He is now working as Deputy Superintendent of Salt at Nellore.
Sathyanarayana belongs to the group: “World Reniassance for Classical Poetry”, lead by Dr.H.Tulsi. He is a strong protagonist of metrical verse. His compositions in various prosodic forms like sonnet, Terza rima, Terzanelle, Rondeau, rubayath etc. are regularly published in the printed magazine, viz. METVERSEMUSE.
Sathyanarayana has been writing poetry since 1987. His poem ‘Our Housemaid’s daughter’ won editor’s choice award from and another poem titled ‘Farewell’ won first prize from He published three anthologies of his poems, viz. (1) Golden Lotus, (2) Plastic faces and other poems and (3) Wheels. His translation of SUNDARA KANDA, the 5th Canto of Ramayana into English verse is being published as a serial in SAPTAGIRI, a monthly spiritual magazine published by Sri Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams from July 2011 onwards.
Sathyanarayana strongly believes that poets have social responsibility. Most of his poems expose the naked realities of the society, often attacking straight, sometimes with caustic sarcasm. His poems on philosophy and love also became very popular in web sites like, etc. His poems were published in a number of printed journals like METVERSE MUSE, POETS’ INTERNATIONAL, ROCK PEBBLES, KAFLA, KAVYA BHARATHI etc.

PAGES by Sathyanarayana Mydavolu

Leaf by leaf through the pages of life
searching for that something amiss,
longing for the eluding bliss
through the maze of childhood
into the amazing youth…
leaf by leaf through the pages of life.
Those puerile tiffs for toffees
to the juvenile jarring
for pertly sirens
and witless wagers;
from menacing days of mid-age vices
to the distressing years
of old age crisis…
leaf by leaf through the pages of life.

All those moments of feast and repartee
as well, the times of toil and tribulation…
countless are the twists, tales and trauma
slicing through the silence and stalemate;
at times scaling gaiety and euphoria;
often drowning in ennui and misery…
life’s longest drama
lost in smokescreen of past at last
unwinding in waves of reverie;
pouring drop by drop
into the lanes of memory;
drenching my senses
in shudders of ecstasy

…leaf by leaf through the pages of life

Love, hate and disgust bubbling out
through the pores of sanity
that remained unchanged but entrapped
in life-long charade
leading my way to the mystic;
the strange and unknown
unfelt all these years
I dwelled, drudged and drained
…leaf by leaf through the pages of life

I hurtle back in time
fearing the ominous doom
…before HIS reign
as marauder of sin
…making sure what is lost forever,
counting on the remnant boon
whence arises from all that chaff,
the grain of divine
sprouting from the soil of virtue
that grows on nectar of love,
and survives on holy bliss;
heartening me from inside
to traverse upright
all walls of mundane vanity
in faith and fillip

…leaf by leaf through the pages of life

I toddle towards the sacred eternity.
Visible are now my motives
with the dawn of reality;
tangible are my assets
with the onset of clarity
…I trudge and traipse
in trite and but very straight
through the last page
of my hectic life
to the destined last day
of culminating strife
…leaf by leaf through the pages of life.
Leaf by leaf through the pages of life…
Leaf by leaf through the pages of life…


3 Responses to “Sathyanarayana Mydavolu”

  1. Mydavolu Says:

    My Dear Leo,
    Many thanks for publishing this poem here…hope readers like this one.



  2. indira Says:

    🙂 feels good to read…

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